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Thomas Pico (Pattes Loup) met hoge scores

dinsdag 6 september 2011

Ons laten leiden door Robert Parker scores is niet de richting die we uitwillen, maar wanneer een jonge gast zoals Thomas Pico (Pattes Loup - Chablis - amper enkele ha) met zijn 2009 Montmain 1er Cru als 3de beste Chablis van dat jaar een 95+/100 krijgt, dan zijn we trots. Pas enkele jaren bezig die kerel. "Thomas Pico is just a bit past his 30th birthday, but he is already on his way to becoming a superstar" dixit The Wine Advocate. Ook zijn andere 1er Cru's halen 93/100. De "gewone" Chablis zelfs 92/100.

Pattes Loup is arguably the single most exciting young domaine in Chablis today. Proprietor Thomas Pico owns five hectares of vineyards under his name and purchases additional fruit from vineyards owned by his father but that Pico farms himself, all in Courgis and Chablis itself. Both sets of vineyards are farmed biodynamically. The approach in the winery is similarly hands-off. The 2009 harvest began during the 3rd week of September, towards the later side for the year in Chablis, yet the wines retain a level of crystalline purity and nuance that is quite rare for the vintage. The 2009 premier crus were mostly vinified in neutral oak with ambient yeasts (unusual in Chablis), where they remained on their lees with no rackings through the malos. The wines were racked in August, 2010, assembled, and bottled in March, 2011 with no fining or filtration. Pico remains deeply influenced by Oliver and Alice de Moor, his neighbors and mentors in Courgis. Stylistically, Pico’s wines remind me of the laser-like focus of Cedric Bouchard’s Champagnes combined with the richness and inner sweetness found in the wines of the late Didier Dagueneau. Simply put, these are some of the most ground-breaking, intensely captivating wines being made in Chablis today. Readers should do whatever they can to taste them. Thomas Pico is just a bit past his 30th birthday, but he is already on his way to becoming a superstar.

Al onze flessen van 2009 zijn reeds uitverkocht. De 1er Cru's van 2010 zijn beschikbaar vanaf april 2012, en kunnen nu reeds worden gereserveerd (wat we aanraden, aangezien de vraag groot is). De instap Chablis 2010 zal in december 2011 beschikbaar zijn.

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